Sophomores - Study Smarter

Think class work and homework are a waste of your time? Learning how to study smarter can give you a real edge by the time you get to college. And it’s not hard if you make these habits a part of your school life:


Find a quiet, organized space - maybe a study table at the library. And turn off anything that could possibly distract you.

Plan ahead

If you have a big test or paper coming up, set aside plenty of time so you aren't cramming. Manage your time and study your most important assignments first.

Pay attention

If you are actively contributing and listening in class, your studying will be easier and more interesting.

Check your work

Studying can tire you out - but after you've completed an assignment take a few minutes to look it over for any mistakes. You never want to turn in anything but your best effort.

Don't go it alone

Find a classmate, mentor, coach, tutor, or study buddy to help keep you going.