Kentucky Middle Schoolers - Talk to an Adult - Your School Counselor

Take the first step and make an appointment with your guidance counselor to discuss a plan for college. She or he has information about admission tests, college preparation, and your education and career options. Here are some basic questions to get you started:


  • Do you have any information to help me start exploring my interests and related careers?
  • What are the required and recommended courses -- for graduation and for college prep?
  • How should I plan my schedule so I'll complete them?
  • Do you have any after-school or evening sessions available for college planning?
  • Do you have college handbooks or other guides that I can browse or borrow?
  • What activities can I do at home and over the summer to get ready for college?
  • What kinds of grades do different colleges require?
  • Where do other kids from this school attend college?
  • What are the requirements or standards for the honor society?