Juniors - Visit the Campus

No matter how many brochures you read or websites you visit, nothing tells you more about a college than visiting its campus in person. Plus, you can learn a lot more just by asking questions. Here’s a list to get you started:

Ask your college host:

  • What activities and services are available to help students get settled (academically and socially) during their first year?
  • How big are the classes?
  • What is the total cost of attending the college?
  • What types of financial aid does the college offer and how do I apply?
  • Are all freshmen assigned to an academic advisor?
  • Where do most freshmen live?
  • Can I take a tour?
  • What activities are available for students?
  • Who teaches the courses for first-year students?
  • How successful are the college's graduates in finding jobs?
  • What services (such as transportation and shopping) are available locally?

Ask any students you meet:

  • How easy is it to meet with faculty?
  • Are you able to register for the classes you want?
  • What is there to do on weekends? Do most students stay or leave campus on weekends?