Juniors - Why College?

Why Go to College?

Knowledge, skills & opportunity. If you go to college, you'll gain skills you'll use for the rest of your life, no matter what career you choose. There are also many other reasons to go to college.

Higher salary

Every bit of education you get after high school increases the chances you'll earn good pay. Most college graduates earn a lot more money during their working years than people who stop their education at high school. 

Job security

The more education you get, the more likely it is you will always have a job. According to one estimate, by the year 2028 there will be 19 million more jobs for educated workers than there are qualified people to fill them. 

It's required

Continuing education after high school is much more important for your generation than it was for your parents' generation. Today most good jobs require more than a high school diploma. Businesses want to hire people who know how to think and solve problems.

It opens doors

Education beyond high school gives you a lot of other benefits, including meeting new people, taking part in new opportunities to explore your interests, and experiencing success. 

Why now?

Right now, it's probably tough to imagine where you'll be in a year or two, much less 10, 20, 30 or 40 years down the road. Where do you expect to be, and what do you want out of life? By attending college immediately after high school, you get a head start on answering those important questions.