Adults - Why get your GED?

Making a career plan is a matter of matching your skills and interests to an occupation to create a career goal, and then deciding the steps you need to take to reach that goal. Here’s a sample:

Career goal:

To become a civil engineer. To design, plan, and supervise the construction of buildings, highways, and rapid transit systems.


  • Bachelor's degree in engineering
  • Ability to work as part of a team
  • Creativity
  • Analytical mind
  • Capacity for detail
  • Presentation skills
  • Writing skills.
  • Knowledge of physical sciences and mathematics
  • Accreditation by Licensing Board.

Current skills and interests:

  • Summer worker for Smith Construction Co.
  • High School mathematics courses
  • High School science courses
  • Experience working as a team
  • Attended high school writing courses
  • Gave presentations in high school courses

Plan To reach career goal:

  • Bachelor's Degree.
  • Attend the University of Texas School of Engineering
  • Job Experience
  • Continue working for Smith Construction Co.
  • Seek internships through college career placement office
  • Networking
  • Join campus organizations for engineering students

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