Adults - Getting your GED might only be the beginning of a wonderful career


The GED® test credential is accepted at colleges and universities and to enroll in many types of training. Check out the many community or technical colleges throughout Kentucky to see what occupational certifications are available or consider one of the degrees available through the public or private universities. You can stay close to home and start your new career path right away.

KnowHow2GO to college

Thousands of GED® graduates enroll and succeed in college every year. Passing the GED® test with an average score of 157, ranks you in the top 50 percent of graduating high school seniors!

You may still be required to take additional tests, such as the ACT or the SAT as part of the admissions process. Check with your college's admissions office if you have any GED® College Ready and College Ready + Credit scores to see if those scores will help you place in credit-bearing classes or possibly be granted credit through the ACE CREDIT® service.

And once you've earned a GED® test credential, college is possible. Plus, you're eligible for financial aid, just like a traditional high school graduate.