Adults - Going to college in Kentucky for the first time as a non-traditional student

Have you gone as far in your career as you can without a college degree? Or is your dream to change to a career that requires a college degree? Whether it's job-related or for personal development, graduating from college opens up a new world of potential for your life.

Follow these steps to make going to college a smooth process:

Step 1 - Get an advisor

Involve a mentor or advisor as soon as possible to help you navigate the admissions and financial aid process... learn more

Step 2 - Chart your course

The more you involve family in the planning process, the more you are able to succeed. Have realistic expectations when you are scheduling classes... learn more

Step 3 - Find financial aid

Understand your options regarding financial aid to pay for college. Many folks want to help you make the right choice for your situation... learn more

Step 4 - Get enrolled

Now that you KnowHow2GO, the only thing left to do is GO. The path may not be easy, but you are already one step closer... learn more

Project Graduate

Thousands of students left a Kentucky college with more than 90 credits, but without a diploma. Kentucky colleges want you back - learn more about this special program.

Changing colleges?

Are you thinking about going to a different college? We have in-depth information about transfer policies and programs to help you make the switch.