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Reverse Transfer

What is "Reverse Transfer"?

Reverse transfer allows students who transferred before earning their associate’s degree the opportunity to earn it when they have completed 60 or more credits at certain Kentucky public university.

If you started at a community and technical college then transferred to a public university, you may be eligible to earn an Associate of Arts or an Associate of Science.  

Which Institutions have reverse transfer?

If you were enrolled at any institution in the Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS), and later enrolled at Morehead State University; Murray State University; Northern Kentucky UniversityUniversity of Kentucky; or University of Louisville you may be eligible for a reverse transfer degree.

Benefits of Reverse Transfer

Earning an associate degree recognizes the early work that you put in towards your educational career, and may have value in the workforce.

An associate degree may:

  • open the door to more job opportunities and higher starting salary with greater access to on-the-job training.
  • serve as verification of your skills.
  • help you meet Kentucky's general education requirements

    benefits of transfer