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Military Credit Transfer

Transition from service to postsecondary education can be challenging, and military students must navigate many unique challenges. Our community and technical colleges and universities are here to help. You may be eligible to transfer your military training and occupational experience into college credit.


 Steps to Getting Started

Get Your Military Transcript

Get a military transcript (JST).

Your military workplace learning can translate into credit for college classes. Find out what credits you have by converting your military training into college credits. You may be able to save time and money in your journey towards a degree.

Ask the military services representative at the institution you’re interested in if the institution adheres to the Kentucky Guiding Principles for Military Credit

Choose Your Path

Talk to someone at your desired institution to navigate the process.  An advisor and/or military student services staff member will assist you in selecting a major that aligns with your professional career goals.  Be sure to visit onetonline to discover career options.  Learn more about how your career interest match with programs/majors offered at Kentucky colleges and universities.

Create a plan to pay for college.

The amount of aid you qualify for is dependent on the nature of your military service. Some service members may qualify for a percentage of their educational expenses to be covered, while others qualify for all expenses to be covered. If you are fully qualified, it means the GI Bill will cover all tuition and expenses. The V.A. provides more information about education benefits available to you, visit  Complete the FAFSA  to determine your eligibility for federal, state, and institutional aid.