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Transfer Students - Ask the right questions of admission and college advisers

When you visit with your admssions or other transfer college representatives, be sure you get answers to important questions and information that will make your transfer a success.

  • Who is the contact person for transfer students?
  • When should I apply for admission?
  • Does my major have specific admission requirements?
  • What are the general education requirements?
  • What are the GPA requirements; will C and D grades transfer?
  • When should I apply for financial aid/scholarships?
  • Can you evaluate my transcripts for transfer?
  • Can I transfer into the specific school or major?
  • Can I get credit for military service or prior professional work experience?
  • How are transfer students assigned housing?
  • How are transfer students advised for registration?
  • How many of my credits will transfer toward my bachelor’s degree?
  • How many more credits will I need to complete my degree?
  • Can I complete my requirements within two years of normal full-time study?
  • Do you have placement information on graduates of your academic programs?
  • Are there specific scholarships and other forms of financial aid for transfer students?