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Kentucky College Transfer Students - Pick your major

How Should I Pick a Major?

Explore your dream career before choosing a major. Being clear on your destination will keep you motivated and on the fast-track to graduation.

  • Talk to those close to you about your strengths
  • Visit an adviser, professor or career counselor at your current college
  • Talk to people who work, teach and study in the field
  • Consider volunteering or interning to get a real taste of the job
  • Explore careers online and take career assessment tests

What if I'm undecided?

It’s OK. While you decide, take general education courses and be mapping your courses toward either an associate in arts or associate in science degree. Speak regularly to your adviser about the majors that might interest you. Go to the "Chart your bachelor's degree" section of this website. Once you decide, be sure to gear your general education courses and lower level electives toward major requirements.

What if I change my major?

You can always change your major, but you should be aware that some courses you have taken may no longer count toward your new degree, so evaluate this decision carefully. Contact your adviser or the registrar’s office to make the change official. KnowHow2Transfer can help you determine which courses are needed for certain degrees.